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Licensed Asbestos Disposal & Removal Perth from asbestos sheds to asbestos fencing, we also pickup and dispose of asbestos that has been removed yourself




Disposal of Asbestos

Safe Asbestos Disposal Perth




Asbestos waste needs to be disposed of at a site which has been approved by your local council as soon as possible. Each council sets its own rules on if and how it receives asbestos waste.

Contact your local council to find out where you can dispose of asbestos waste, any conditions for disposal (e.g. time of day, maximum amount at one time) and how much it will cost.

If you are taking the asbestos waste to your council’s approved site, place the double wrapped/bagged asbestos waste in a trailer or in the back of a utility or truck. Secure the load to make sure it doesn’t bounce or fly out, tear the plastic wrapping/bags or break the asbestos. Follow the council’s directions when you arrive at the site.

Asbestos Fence Sheets Pick Up and Removal

Asbestos Pickup & Disposal Perth




If You have asbestos stacked on your property or have removed it yourself give us a call. We can come pick it up for you and take it to one of many licensed asbestos disposal sites around Perth.